How to Add a Fixed Bubble Popup Link to Divi

Learn how to create a fixed image link to grab your website visitors attention.

There are certain situations when you want to display some information relevant to all your website visitors – no matter the page they are currently viewing. In many cases, that would be a time-sensitive offer or a Call to Action. A popular approach is to use the top “promo bar” and the full-page popup is another option to consider. Here, on the Divi Lover website – I like to use a fixed round image displayed in the corner of the screen – I call it the bubble popup – and we use it every time we are having a sale or a new product launch.

Watch the video below, to see how to create it in Divi step by step.


Step 1

Add the HTML Structure

Navigate to Divi Theme Options Integration tab and paste the code below inside the BODY element:

<div class="dl-info-popup">
	<div class="bg"></div>
	<a href="/landing-page">
		<img src="" alt="Super Offer"/>
	<span class="close"></span>
Step 2

Style it with CSS

This is the CSS code I’ve used, feel free to modify it to fit your design:

.dl-info-popup {
	position: fixed;
	bottom: 20px;
	left: 20px;
	width: 150px;
	height: 150px;
	display: none;

.dl-info-popup a {
	background: #19191a;
	display: block;
	border-radius: 50%;
	padding: 10%;
	position: relative;
	z-index: 2;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;

.dl-info-popup span.close {
	position: absolute;
	top: 5px;
	right: 0;
	width: 30px;
	height: 30px;
	background: #fff;
	border-radius: 15px;
	box-shadow: 1px 3px 15px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);
	cursor: pointer;
	z-index: 3;

.dl-info-popup span.close:before {
	display: block;
	position: absolute;
	top: 0;
	right: 0;
	bottom: 0;
	left: 0;
	color: #19191a;
	font-size: 24px;
	font-family: 'ETmodules';
	content: '\4d';
	line-height: 30px;
	text-align: center;

.dl-info-popup .bg {
	display: block;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
	position: absolute;
	background: #FDFA00;
	background-image: linear-gradient(-15deg, #FDFA00, #FF19CF);
	border-radius: 50%;
	z-index: 1;
	filter: blur(30px);
	animation:opacity 3s ease-in-out infinite;

@keyframes opacity {
	0% {opacity:0;}
	50% {opacity:1;}
	100% {opacity:0;}
Step 3

Make it work with jQuery

This JavaScript code can be added in the Integriation tab, just next to the HTML structure:

	$('.dl-info-popup .close').click(function(e){
Step 4 (optional)

Hide it on a specific page

I haven’t mentioned that in the video, but if you’d like to hide the “bubble” on a specific page of your website, you’d need to inspect that page, to see what CSS class is added to the BODY element. Each page in WordPress has a unique ID, and this ID is attached to the body tag as a class, eg. page-id-123. Once you know your page body class, you can target and hide the bubble popup element with this bit of CSS code: .dl-info-popup {
	display: none!important;

Final Thoughts

I hope you like this approach and this walkthrough.

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  1. Regina

    Hi Ania,

    the popup works really good. I´ve used the code module.
    But I have one problem. The popups runs behind the footer, which is made with the Divi Theme Builder. Changing the z-index of the footer didn´t change anything.

    • Ania Romańska

      I would need to see the URL to help, but when trying to fix any z-index issue – please remember that the z-index value can never be higher than the z-index of a parent container.

      • ReginaSt

        Hi Ania,

        now, I´ve put the code in the integration tab and it worked. 🙂

        Do you have any tip how to set a cookie, so the popup does not appear again after clicking it away?

      • Ania Romańska

        You might want to look at this litte JS cookie library. You could create/set a cookie when the popup is closed and at the begining of the function – include a condition which reads if the cookie exist and only displays the popup is the cookie is not set.

  2. erik

    just wandering why did you use
    display: none;

    • Ania Romańska

      So that it is hidden on page load and then shown with JS after a little delay.

  3. Tabitha DeSeranno

    Is it possible to only have it shown on the homepage… I have a lot of pages I wouldn’t want it to show up…

    • Tabitha DeSeranno

      Nevermind… I was able to figure it out!!

      • Tabitha

        Actually, it ended up adding the image to the bottom of every page… is there a solution to only adding to the home page and not having to hide from every other page?

      • Ania Romańska

        Yes, you can place the

        inside a Code module on a home page instead of the Integration tab. It may require some CSS adjustments, but it should work.
  4. Gabriel

    Hello Ania!

    Nice tutorial, but I can’t make it work. The popup doesn’t show up.

    • Ania Romańska

      Hi Gabriel,

      It’s there, it is just hidden. Please try adding the z-index:99; CSS property to the main .dl-info-popup element. It should move it on top of the rest of the website content.

      • Gabriel

        Thanks Ania! It worked!

  5. Don Catlett

    Thank you for the “Fixed Bubble Popup Link to Divi” tutorial.
    The image loads but is non-responsive. I used the body code, CSS code, and jquery code, and added both the image link and page link.
    I can’t determine what I’ve done wrong.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

    • Ania Romańska

      Make sure to change the z-index value of the whole .dl-info-popup container, it is being covered by other elements on your website.

      • Matt

        Any idea to get this to float above Divi Section Dividers? (My site uses these on nearly all sections.)

        For the css:
        .dl-info-popup has a setting of: z-index:99999;

        Tried all different numbers, nothing works.

        Thanks anyway, this is an amazing set of code!

      • Ania Romańska

        Matt, can you share a link?

      • Matt

        Thanks for the reply, Ania; unfortunately the site is on a staging server and I can’t share the link yet.

  6. Brian

    Great tutorial. Is there a way to set it so it only shows once per session so site visitors don’t have to close it out on every page visited?

    • Ania Romańska

      You’d need to use cookies.

  7. Rikke

    Hi Ania

    Thank you so much for another valable tutorial. I will for sure revisit this one again and Alain.

    Bres, Rikke

    • Ania Romańska

      I’m glad it was helpful 🙂


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