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The Divi Toolbox plugin empowers you to achieve awesome effects which normally can only be done with custom CSS, PHP or Javascript! Learn more

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The best way to achieve awesome effects in Divi without writing a single line of code!

The Divi Toolbox empowers you to achieve effects which normally can only be done with custom CSS, PHP or Javascript! Now, you’ll be able to easily make these changes in the Divi Theme Customizer. Make your website awesome without any coding skills!


Easy Site-wide Changes!


New Mobile Menu


Fancy 3D Hover Tilt


Header and Navigation


Footer & Widgets


Particles Ground Effect


New Blog Layouts


Custom Popups


And Much More!

See it in action!

Make sure you check out our Toolbox Demo Page. Does it look pretty advanced? Well, guess what! We didn’t use even a tiny bit of custom CSS or JavaScript to build it. All the awesome effects have been created using the Divi Toolbox! You’ll find the full feature list there too!

Make Site-wide Changes Fast

The Divi Toolbox lets you pick the elements you wish to change. When you enable a feature, it appears in your Theme Customizer, where you can make adjustments and site-wide enhancements with just a few clicks.

Logo and Header Custom Look

You can modify your logo and header with ease. Create a custom dropdown menu, add a CTA menu item, or edit hover effects. You can also change your logo on a fixed header, create an overlapping logo effect, and display any layout from your Divi library before and after header.

Fine-tune the Mobile Menu

Create the best mobile experience by adjusting your mobile menu! With Toolbox, you can make the mobile menu bar fixed, enable slide-in mobile menu, add hamburger icon animations, collapse nested submenus, and change your logo for mobile menu!

Make Divi Blog Awesome!

The Divi Toolbox has nine custom layouts for your blog categories and archive pages. You can further customize each element in your chosen layout. You can also customize your single post page by adding an author box, related posts, and the previous/next post navigation. Even more: you can add custom header layouts on archives, and globally customize or hide the sidebar. Create the best blogging experience on your website!

Typing Effect

Particles Background

3D Tilt 

Parallax Scrolling

Divi Toolbox has all these awesome effects and more!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to have a fancy preloader but it seemed like too much hassle? Now you can have it! The Divi Toolbox can also enable custom popups, which display any layout from the Divi Library. You can easily add moving particles background, or 3d tilt effect! Get the awesome effects you have always wanted!

The Divi community has fallen in love with the Divi Toolbox!

Read our customers’ testimonials to find out what they think.

The first time I used Ania’s plugin “Divi Toolbox” I knew I would be adding it to every site I built as it made my workflow so much faster. The plugin itself is simple and intuitive to use, and it has loads of useful features that make each site unique in no time at all. Thanks, Ania for taking some of the work out web development.

Olga Summerhayes

Infinite Imagination

With Divi Toolbox, you have the ability to customize the most important features in Divi without the headache of trying to custom code everything with CSS and PHP. If you don’t want to have to custom code, this plugin is a must! And even for advanced coders, this plugin will save you hours when designing custom websites in Divi.

Josh Hall

In Transit Studios

Streamlined, intuitive, powerful… Beautiful UI, awesome experience! I really have to mention that I could save several plugins by using Divi Toolbox alone.  It is impossible to put all the features together in a few lines. I’m in love with this plugin. I mean it! One of the most useful tools for Divi! Thanks, Ania! Outstanding Job!

Elisandro Borges

Divi Lighthouse

50 reviews for Divi Toolbox

  1. Bernd Bäurich (verified owner)

    One of the best DIVI tools and great support by the Divilover Team.

  2. Melle Lefferts

    The Divi Toolbox by DiviLover is one of the best plugins I have ever had for Divi. The extended licence suits me best because I will definitely be using it for all my projects from now on. The plugin has already saved me lots of coffee and headaches because I don’t have to search for PHP, JS or CSS code snippets anymore. I think my favourite feature is the possibility to add a layout before or after the navigation or footer. So after my content I will have a layout automatically. When I change the layout, my whole website updates, all automatically. Thanks Ania!

  3. izzy wyer (verified owner)

    I really LOVE the power this plugin offers and also the ease of use. It is very intuitive and the interface is beautiful. Support is also fantastic and Ania very quickly came up with a solution for me when I needed to tweak the position of an additional layout in the header. Super plugin and wonderful support, thank you!

  4. ahoidesign (verified owner)

    Wow that is a really good addition for the already great Divi. Thank you for your work!
    An Import-Export for the Settings would be great!

  5. Jakub Franko (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of adding many plugins to wordpress sites to get some extra effects or smaller features. Then the wordpress page is overwhelmed with lots of uselessness. This is not the case with the Divi Toolbox plugin. This plugin deserves to be installed and used! Simple and intuitive plug-in control with lots of useful features in one package. No more searching for php, js, css code snippets, which sometimes lost a precious time. Wonderful and fast support from Ania. The Divi Toolbox is set to become a truly powerful tool in the Divi community. Looking forward to more updates and possible extensions! Thank you very much Divilover.

  6. bloocci (verified owner)

    By far the best plugin addon for divi. One plugin replaced 4 other plugins and it’s awesome. I can’t wait for future updates. Cheers!

  7. S826 (verified owner)

    The plugin is amazing. I put to sleep 4 plugins since this one have all those features covered and so many mores. Support is of the charts 20/10. Money well invested.

  8. juanraortiz (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few plugins for Divi in the past but this one is the best one. Best money invested ever in a plugin. The dashboard design is amazing, clear and simple. The support is great too. Ania is an amazing developer.

    You don’t need to write CSS anymore to simple things like a CTA in your menu or align text vertically. Things that should be in Divi are now possible thanks to Divi Toolbox.

    I purchased a lifetime plan because I know things will be better with the Toolbox.

  9. Tessa MacTaggart (verified owner)

    Thank you to Ania and the Divi Lover team for an outstanding plugin. Well developed, without bugs and a lovely user experience. The Divi Toolbox has saved me hours of custom coding and added value to the websites we develop. Simply exceptional. Thanks Ania!

  10. Wallbet (verified owner)

    For me is the best Divi plugin ever. Saves me tons of time and code. Simply fantastic

  11. JulesWebb (verified owner)

    The Divi Toolbox is a fantastic tool for extending features and functionalities of Divi and your website.

    With so many settings and possibilities, thank goodness they’ve set up incredibly organized and well-written docs to help you find the setting and functionality you’re looking for. Need additional help? No problem, their support is responsive and helpful.

    This plugin is more than worth the cost!

  12. atsanddots (verified owner)

    The Divi Toolbox is a must have plugin for Divi. I tried the regular license first but this plugin makes it so easy to customize your Divi website that I immediately decided to buy the extended license. With Divi Toolbox I save so much time that the price is really peanuts. And on top of this amazing plugin, you get the most excellent support of Ania!! Had a little problem with my blog posts and Ania helped me out within minutes! I can recommend Divi Lover and Divi Toolbox to everyone.

  13. designsbyanthea (verified owner)

    What an awesome plugin! It’s a must have for Divi if you want to save even more time building websites. I highly recommend it. Amazing support as well!

  14. Admir Rosa (verified owner)

    Perfect, awesome. Thanks!

  15. rmerkle (verified owner)

    If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would… First this is a great plugin that extends the reach of Divi even further! The plugin is organized with a well thought out interface. The documentation that is available is great and when you do have an issue… the support IS OUTSTANDING! Seriously, I could not ask for better response. On the rare occassion that there is a problem with the plugin support jumps right in to provide a fix. And when its caused by the “user” well even then a solution, when possible, is offered! So glad I had the good sense to get this plugin! Way to go DiviLover!!! I’m a fan!

  16. percipi (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin, awesome support, what else ? Includes all we basically need to improve Divi and make it more versatile. Really great.

  17. ScottPearson (verified owner)

    A must-have for every Divi user

  18. DanClx (verified owner)

    Such a fantastic plugin! Saved me so much time on countless occasions and always seems to have the tweaks that I’m wanting at the click of a button! Support is also second to none! Ania is my new favourite person!

  19. mkwasiuk (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! I install it on every client Divi site. It has saved me hundreds of hours by now by simply being able to switch an option on, instead of having it to code it myself. The UI is amazing aswell. I love how many tought has gone into developing this plugin!

    This plugin is great for every Divi user, beginner or a long time developer!

  20. karen serjeant (verified owner)

    I am very new to website design but have found this plugin very good. The main thing I must say is that as a new user and fairly new to design I have found the support second to none. Very pleased, happy bunny lol

  21. Cedric Ly (verified owner)

    I’ve been considering purchasing a Divi plugin to help me streamline my workflow and have compared Divi Tools with all of the other ones out there, and after going with it, I can say that it was the best decision I have made.

    Not only am I now able to customize every part of the site that my clients want to, but I can do it without needing to learn how to code, and that’s a plus for me.

    A major benefit of Divi Toolbox to me is the unbelievable support. Ania is wonderful and patient, will answer your questions and help you resolve your problems, even if, like in my case, the problem was not caused by Divi Toolbox itself but by a custom font I uploaded.

    I highly recommend anyone who’s serious about taking their designs to the next level to invest in Divi Toolbox, because for the value it offers, plus the unlimited license, it’s a no brainer.

    Thank you Ania for creating such an amazing and helpful plugin! Cheers!

  22. paolurso (verified owner)

    Excellent tool, needful for any project based on Divi!

  23. nRuivo (verified owner)

    A must-have plugin! Really simplifies your life, rather get the extended license right off the bat, you will be using this plugin on all your sites, guaranteed!
    Ania provides outstanding support and answers questions quickly and efficiently.
    Thanks a stack and keep up the outstanding work!

  24. Henrik Thue Nielsen (verified owner)

    Just bought the Divi Toolbox Extended License a couple of weeks and I’m thrilled about how easy it is to work with. I higly recommend Divi Toolbox for every Divi owner. Have been in contact with Divi Lover support and got prompt reply from their professional support. Using the plugin is not hurting page speed og load times, which is an important factor as well – no change before an after installing Divi Toolbox according to Google Page Speed. Very nice!!

  25. ecanberg (verified owner)

    An amazing plugin. For someone who doesn’t know css well, it quickly closes many of Divi’s shortcomings. I’ve always liked Ania’s works and I think this plugin is the best they’ve done. Congratulations, I hope you keep doing this good, Ania.

  26. alainlennuyeux (verified owner)

    An awesome plugin that has become essential. Thanks to Ania Romańska for the quality of the support.

  27. Fadi Joseph Lahiani (verified owner)

    Great plugin and very reactive support, thank you !

  28. Binh Pham (verified owner)

    Divi Toolbox is a must have if you’d like to customize your Divi theme to the next level. It really save you lots of time from coding. Support is quick and very helpful. Thanks Ania.

    Highly recommend it.

  29. Nikolaj Woroschilow (verified owner)

    So far it takes my headache for some website customizations away.
    An awesome plugin that helps me to move forward quickly.

    I absolutely recommend this plugin!

  30. Kevin Palmer (verified owner)

    I’m hooked! I purchased for one site, fell in love and came back to purchase the extended license. The versatility and ease of use of this plug-in has enabled me to customize client websites in a fraction of the time that it would normally take coding CSS. Thanks Ania – I look forward to more great things from Divi Lover!

  31. orionaselite (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this plugin. It’s a true time saver. I also have to say that I really love the way the admin interface is designed. This now part of my primary workflow. Support is lighting fast too whenever you need even if the solution is really obvious 🙂

  32. Aaron Biby (verified owner)

    Divi Toolbox has unlocked so many possibilities that previously required multiple plugins to accomplish. It’s easy to use and their support is top-notch!

  33. tevennec-digital (verified owner)

    Great plugin, works perfect with Divi and adds what’s missing to this theme. Updates are stable. Great job in one word!
    Toolbox allows many features specially for mobile, which is the weak point of Divi. Thanks!

  34. istik (verified owner)

    Hands down this is the best plugin we have used on our e-commerce project. Perfect for UI / UX and overall it is super user-friendly. This is a 100% genuine review from the owner of goistik.com

  35. menno2904 (verified owner)

    Fantastic plugin; saves a lot of time. The first thing I do on a new project is install this plugin.

  36. Soniya Ahuja (verified owner)

    Response time to my first email sent for a pre-sales question was just under a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised at the small size of the plugin and at how responsive it was once I started using it. Most of the times, I am scared of adding plugins to Divi and making it slower. The admin panel allowed me to just turn on those modules that I need to use – something that I think the team from Elegant themes should also do and stop injecting the unnecessary css and js code that never gets used.
    I wasn’t very sure about the Typing text plugin – was wondering how to get just part of the text to be replaced. I came back to the website – wondering if there was some documentation somewhere and behold – it was right there with resources and I got exactly what I was looking for. Very pleased with it!

  37. Jack Lavender (verified owner)

    Love, love, love. In the last couple months, I find that I keep adding this to every one of my Divi sites. I’ve finally realized I just need to add it to all of them. Took me long enough…

    Thank you Ania!

  38. Lisa Breedt (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! This is an absolute must-have, super, useful tool for Divi! I’m sold on the extended license after the amazing results I achieved installing it on a single site. The versatility, ease-of-use, and beautiful, intuitive user-interface are some of the few aspects I love about this plugin. The time it saves to optomise mobile, just blows my mind. Thank you Ania for the exceptional product you’ve developed!

  39. Pete Clark (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin. Saves so much time and adds incredible convenience to an already amazing theme. It really complements the Divi theme. Keep up the great work!

  40. Ricardo Elizondo (verified owner)

    Divi Toolbox gets WOW from my customers! And it’s very easy to use, I didn’t have to touch any code. The interface is clean and elegant; and the support is excellent. Thanks Annia for every detail of this incredible plugin!

  41. Peter Taylor (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Divi Toolbox. It has quickly become a core part of all the websites that I’m working on. It has a huge number of features, many of which I hadn’t even noticed before I bought it. The more I dig into it, the more I find useful things, including lots of “behind the scenes” enhancements that make the site work better or that help me build sites more efficiently. Ania obviously knows Divi inside and out, and knows everything you’ll need and want when building sites with Divi. She has put it all into Divi Toolbox. If you’re new to Divi, I’d suggest buying Divi Toolbox before you buy other plugins. Spend time becoming familiar with all the Toolbox features, and you might find that just about everything you need is in DT. You can save money by not buying other plugins (I wish I had known!) and you’ll also avoid the problems that can arise from having too many plugins installed. On top of all that, Divi Toolbox is extremely user-friendly, and the support is awesome.

  42. Peter Vermeulen (verified owner)

    I have been using the Divi Toolbox plugin now for several months and I am very happy with the functionality Everything is working as expected.

    Especially I would like to mention the excellent support from Ania on an issue I had with a new version of WordPress. She did understand the problem and quickly solved my problem.

    Where can you find such support!

  43. Johnathan Jackson (verified owner)

    This is great! I couldn’t imagine building a Divi site without it!

  44. Anya Taggart (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! I have been using the Divi Toolbox single license plugin now for few months, and I love it so much, that I have upgraded to Extended license, so I can install it on every clients Divi site. This plugin is very intuitive not just to experience UX/UI designer and develper, like me, but to all my clients, who have rudimentary knowledge of maintain there own website.

  45. GlobalHolmes (verified owner)

    This is now the third purchase i have made from the team at Divi Lover. What an amazing team who provide excellent products, and a first class customer service.
    Highly recommendable to anyone looking to enhance their Divi Skills and Knowledge.

  46. Kevin Wolstenholme (verified owner)

    The Divi Tool is my absolute go to essential add-on to Divi. It fills the gaps missing from the base install and works flawlessly.

    Ania and the team always provide 1st class customer service and I wouldn’t hesitate in ordering again. A breathe of fresh air and an outstanding product.

  47. zollo (verified owner)

    5 stars for plugin quality and support.
    Easy customization of any website with this plugin helps you to boost the development process and saves lots of time that you usually spend on routine works.
    Highly recommended.
    I use it on every website that I created using the Divi theme so your investment is correct and this plugin is worth buying.

  48. Ananda Prakash (verified owner)

    I started with a single license and quickly realized the Toolbox plugin as not only very helpful to overcome my CSS knowledge gaps, it also closes shortcomings in Divi effectively. It is seamlessly integrated in Divi’s interface and does not bloat the code / the site speed. The support from DL is also really great, I got responses even out of their business hours and all my questions were answered in a very supportive and friendly atmosphere.
    All this plus the pricing model (one-time fee at the time of writing) make this a must-have when working with Divi, I upgrade recently to the extended license and look forward to build many more websites with it.

  49. Klaus Nedeljkovic (verified owner)

    For me one of the most important plugins for a Divi website. An absolute must! Last but not least because the support is fantastic in case of an emergency…Thank you very much! K.N.

  50. Artur Krzyk (verified owner)

    Divi Toolbox is a great “tool out of the box” (I guess that’s what the name came from 😉 ). So many options available by a single mouse click! I’m so thankful for this I just can’t express it enough! Finally a tool that works flawlessly with Divi and provides so much useful options and even fixes. Ania made such a great work with this! And I’m sure she will update this frequently so it’ll be Divi 5 ready 😉

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The New Divi Experience

Powerful Tools to Customize the Divi Theme

Have you ever spent hours looking for a Divi tutorial to achieve a really cool effect on your website? Or experimenting with code, trying to make it work and never getting it completely perfect? It’s so frustrating! When you sweat over one bit of customization and it doesn’t come out right, no matter what you try…

What if you could achieve these advanced effects in Divi with just a few clicks? Think of all the time you would save! And how much more awesome your website could be – with just a few clicks!

Divi Toolbox makes it possible. Say goodbye to wasting time and getting frustrated with your website. Say hello to Divi Toolbox!

Ready to get started?

Up your Divi game now!
View Demo


Before you purchase

This plugin requires that you have the Divi theme for WordPress installed. It is not included with this product. Make sure your hosting configuration is compatible.

First Steps

Questions about the product

For instructions on how to install and use the plugin please visit the documentation page. For information about our shop, please read the FAQ page.

Support & Updates

Customer satisfaction

With a one-time payment you get lifetime access to product updates. Support is provided for 6 months from the date of purchase. 

License Details


Single Site

A regular license allows an item to be used in one project for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resell either on its own or as a part of a project. Distribution of source files is not permitted.


Unlimited Sites

An extended license allows an item to be used in unlimited projects for either personal or commercial use. The item cannot be offered for resell either on its own or as a part of a project. Distribution of source files is not permitted.


Each license is a one-time payment. There are no annual fees. You get lifetime access to product updates. Support is provided for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Server Requirements


  • PHP 7.2 or later
  • upload_max_filesize (256M)
  • max_input_time (300)
  • memory_limit (256M)
  • max_execution_time (300)
  • post_max_size (512M)


  • php-xml or/and php-dom
  • XMLReader
  • PHP CURL module


  • allow_url_fopen

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