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Hello, I’m Ania

And I love designing websites.

I’m using Divi theme for most of my clients websites for some time now. I wanted to have all my Divi-related stuff in one place. Writing tutorials and designing layouts lets me improve my skills and could also help you make better websites – win win!

You will find here useful resources, tutorials, code snippets, free page layouts and most importantly free and premium, high-quality child themes. All crafted specially to work with Divi WordPress Theme.

Divi Tips & Tricks

Are you working on customizing your Divi website? Check out tutorials and Divi code snippets.

Useful Resources

A list of different places around the web, where you can find lots of knowledge and inspiration.

Divi Child Themes

A selection of my designs, which can save you time developing your own Divi-based website.

Do you need help?

Or simply you don’t have time to learn?

I’d be happy to help you – I can design and develop a website that is beautiful, functional, user-friendly and optimized for your needs. Learn more about my process and check my straight-forward price list.

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