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Our new About Me page layout is here! It’s a sleek, minimalist design with a quiet background and striking flashes of vibrant colors. Its elegance conveys professionalism, and the electrifying explosions of hue draw your visitors’ attention to all the right places. It’s a perfect layout for web design freelancers, and all other freelancers who want to showcase their work and skills in a compelling way.

Requirements: The About Me Page Divi layout requires that you have the Divi parent theme for WordPress installed (version 3.1 and up). It is not included with this product.

Oh, and did we mention the layout is FREE for our subscribers?

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An About Me page needs a few elements to be convincing and win you new customers. This layout has them all!

Eye-catching introduction

Tell your visitors who you are. Let them see your face. It’s an important and effective strategy of personal branding.

Key services

Tell them, what you can do. Let them know, what services you’re offering.

Sample projects

It’s a snippet from your portfolio, showcasing your best projects. A must-have for all successful freelancers!

Social proof: Testimonials

Your visitors should see that you’ve made your previous clients happy. Positive testimonials prove your professionalism and skills.

Personal note about you

Tell them who you are in more detail. Let them see you not only as a professional but also as a person. It makes you more approachable.

Contact information which is easy to access

Don’t force your customers to search for your contact details! Make them visible, highlight them, and help your customers reach you.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to take a look at the layout demo! We’ve worked hard to make this layout for you and we hope very much that you’ll enjoy it. Heads up for our future Divi freebies and tutorials: sign up to our newsletter so you won’t miss them! If you’re our subscriber feel free to download the JSON file!

We appreciate your feedback, so let us know in the comments what you think!

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  1. Paul

    Hey cool layout love it!
    Look how it looks in my site 🙂

    • Ania Romańska

      I love what you did here, great work! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Hi and just have to say fantastic about me page which I am utilising.

    Slight problem when trying to replace projects with my own clients.Replacing the imac image it replaces at much smaller size. I have checked exisiting pixels 1000 x 612 and copied but stillnot working. Any help would be appreciated. Kevini n

  3. mehran

    good thanks for sharing

  4. Kevin

    Really fantastic work and great contemporary design. Good strategy aswell.thanks

  5. Shane Paulsen

    I like these clean looking layouts. Thanks a lot Ania

  6. Atif

    Amazing work as always Ania.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  7. Ania Romańska

    Thank you all for your kind comments and support, I really appreciate it!

  8. Inayat Meera

    Thanks a million for sharing great layout. It’s good to receive useful and saving time emails from you.

  9. Mike

    Hi Ania, I love the finesse and elegance of your work.

  10. Olga

    Hi Ania, I love getting emails from you, you always have something nice and useful to share. This layout is great, love it.

  11. Admir Rosa

    Ania, very good! His work is clean, light and complete. Congratulations for more this tasteful lesson!

  12. Mark

    Very nice, Ania. Tastefully designed.

  13. Russell Westcott

    Once again you knocked it out of the park. Your designs keep getting better and better. Personally, I think you are one of best around. Keep up the amazing work!

  14. Christian

    Hi Ania, another great one. I always love to inspect your css and how it’s done…


  15. Hurri

    Hi Ania,
    I always love your work and look forward to your new posts which are always helpful!


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