Russell Westcott

I was a complete newbie, I had never seen the back office of a WordPress site before (I had a team of people that looked after that for me). But the Entrepreneur bug had bitten me and I dove in head first on my own. To say I was confused and overwhelmed was an understatement, this is where the Divi Theme and Builder came in. As good as those tools are they still were not enough, thats when I reached out to Ania (Divi Lover). Her theme template, expertise, design prowess and patience was critical from me to build my first website, can't thank her enough for all her help.

Ania was fast, and her 'first drafts' were amazing. She has an amazing expertise on the platform and an attention to design and detail (a killer combination). It is very rare that when outsourcing something that there isn't multiple back and forth sessions... wasting resources and time. Ania typically 'nailed it' on the first draft!

Highly recommend Ania; stop researching, stop scrolling, stop looking at more options and webpages. Do yourself a favour, just pick one of Ania's themes, and hire her... you can thank me later :)

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